Dr. Greg Dale, Duke University
Professor of Sport Psychology and Sport Ethics
Director of Sport Psychology and Leadership Programs

Dr. Dale presents at the Brine National Lacrosse Classic
"Leadership, Performance, and Parenting."



What’s the difference between the Brine National Lacrosse Classic and the Warrior National Prospect Invite?

Both events require players to qualify for selection to participate. The primary difference is the qualification process itself.

Players qualify to play in the Brine National Lacrosse Classic through regional tryouts conducted throughout the year.  More than 1,000 premier high school players from across the country are selected to participate based on skills and sportsmanship demonstrated at the Brine regional tryouts.

High school and club coaches conduct the Brine tryouts, evaluate and select players. Players may be committed or uncommitted and in the 2019, 2020 and 2021 grad classes. 

  • Primarily for top level NCAA Division II, III, and mid level Division I recruits.

The Warrior National Prospect Invite, on the other hand, is just that – an invite to participate in a more highly selective showcase.  Candidates are selected after a comprehensive nomination and coach referral process, and only 80 player per grad class are hand-picked to participate..

  • Primarily for top level NCAA Division I recruits.

How is my role as a coach or parent different for each?

For the Warrior National Prospect Invite, we’ll need a referral from the high school lacrosse coach attesting to a players’ athletic ability, sportsmanship and good character.  For the Brine National Lacrosse Classic, all you’ll need to do is encourage your players' or child to take part in the regional tryouts.

Which one should a player do?

There’s really no downside to trying both – as they both offer terrific opportunities to get in front of NCAA coaches from all divisions.   

Can a player try out for both?

Absolutely!  If they’d like to double their chances of showcasing their skills in front of NCAA coaches this July, they might want to nominate themselves for the Warrior National Prospect Invite and participate in a regional tryout for the Brine National Lacrosse Classic.

If they’re chosen for both, what happens?

Players that have the good fortune to be selected for both opportunities, will receive an invite to register and confirm their intention to participate.  Should they choose the Warrior National Prospect Invite, any monies paid towards the Brine tryouts may be transferred. 

Do both events take place at the same time?

No.  The Brine National Lacrosse Classic and Warrior National Prospect Invite will both take place at the River City Sports Complex in Richmond, VA.

The Warrior National Prospect Invite is July 17-18 only. 

The Brine National Lacrosse Classic is July 18-21.

Players may participate in both events.